Key consulting services and projects

Personnel Search

As consultants, we accompany processes of change and develop tailor-made solutions for our clients. That is the reason why we know the business processes and understand what is really expected of the applicant. The topic of personnel recruitment has emerged from projects and has meanwhile become a separate field of business.

Personnel search and selection should be treated as a complex, highly critical and sustainable investment!

  • On the basis of a thorough analysis or from company knowledge we develop a job profile together with the client and translate it into a suitable advertisement.
  • As Jacobi consulting we are searching online as a consulting firm on behalf of our clients - both in terms of breadth as well as on niche exchange websites and networks.
  • We have a professional presence on the social media platforms and actively address potential applicants.
  • We know which channels are preferred by applicants depending on the function they are looking for
  • We evaluate the applications received on the basis of the profile, using a uniform and structured procedure
  • We take over the administrative part of the search and selection process completely
  • We conduct intensive telephone interviews with all promising applicants, evaluate them according to a checklist and by using a ranking procedure.
  • We present the remaining proposals to the client and jointly select the candidates for job interviews.
  • If required, we carry out differentiated reporting and give the client a regular overview of the status of the search.
  • If necessary, the search is rounded off with an audit or an audit-oriented interview.

Realignment and company controlling

Realignment and controlling in a company do not have to be costly and complicated, but they are the basis of target-oriented company management.

Organizational optimization

The optimization of organizational processes has many aspects. The documentation of cost structures and work processes as well as team quality and motivation are all part of it.

Leadership and human resources management

The realignment of different fields or the entire company only works properly, if the managerial staff and the employees implement systems, processes and communication in a reasonable way.

Corporate communication

A process of change which is not communicated properly will not work in the long run – and that applies to clients, staff and the public.