Key consulting services and projects

Corporate communication

A process of change which is not communicated properly will not work in the long run – and that applies to clients, staff and the public. Credibility towards the inside and the outside are therefore the basis of every successful communication strategy. Together with our clients we concentrate on the subjects: internal communication, public relations, marketing and advertising.


  • Communication planning of processes of change in municipal energy suppliers
  • Image brochure, flyer, product catalogue, website for a manufacturing company - all from one single source
  • Employee communication in connection with consultancy projects
  • Corporate identity, outdoor advertising, business cards for a handicraft business
  • Image brochure for a major IT company
  • Public relations for small and medium-sized companies

Realignment and company controlling

Realignment and controlling in a company do not have to be costly and complicated, but they are the basis of target-oriented company management.

Organizational optimization

The optimization of organizational processes has many aspects. The documentation of cost structures and work processes as well as team quality and motivation are all part of it.

Leadership and human resources management

The realignment of different fields or the entire company only works properly, if the managerial staff and the employees implement systems, processes and communication in a reasonable way.

Personnel Search

As consultants, we accompany processes of change and develop tailor-made solutions for our clients. That is the reason why we know the business processes and understand what is really expected of the applicant.